Ufitfly Organizes Christmas Funfair for Kids in Ibadan

Ufitfly Organizes Christmas Funfair for Kids in Ibadan
The chairman of Ufitfly travels and tours, Mr. Ogunkeyede Ajibola has organized the Christmas Funfair with kids in Ibadan yesterday.
The event, which was held at the Ufitfly office, was full to the brim with children and guardians meeting with the “father Christmas from Rome”, amidst reeducating, Funfair and photograph session.
Mr. Ogunkeyede while speaking with Oyo Mind explained that, “one of the thing I live the most, is celebrating with children. Christmas comes once in a year, and I know this is the best time for us to come together and have a quality time to see father Christmas and also to celebrate the auspicious season with kids amidst Funfair and happiness”.
Among the parents who grant audience, explained that, “this Christmas carol organized by our daddy has been a very good thing for us. No stress of looking for extra cash to pay for seeing father Christmas. The event itself is well organized and planned”
Another parent, who simply identified herself as Mummy John said, “Ufitfly has been focusing on making our wards a happy one. The event is also inclusive of we parents, as we learned one or two things about parental roles and modern Parenthood, we appreciate this”
Over 300 kids benefited from the events with various performances, cash prizes, and photograph sessions with the Father Christmas
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