The Entrepreneurial Vision of Dr Mubarak Musa (EMPEROR) A Force In Nigerian Business Scene

Mubarak Abuche Musa, popularly known as Ojemanyareju, is a Nigerian business tycoon and renowned philanthropist. He is the Chairman/CEO Al-Mubee Group and he is most popular amongst his people for his selfless acts of service and genuine interest to the development of his society. He believes that true wealth comes from charity.

Unlike many of his contemporaries who found their ways to the top through opportunities created by others, Mubarak created his own paths through sheer hard work, diligence and sincerity.

Mubarak, was born on the 10th of July 1984 to the family of Alhaji Alewo Saliu Musa and Hajiya Asmau Alewo Musa. He started his early primary education at the Federal Polytechnic Staff School Idah in 1990. At the age of 6, Mubarak while still in Primary school lost his dad.

However, his love for home and people and the need to grow amongst his friends and siblings, made him enroll to continue his secondary school studies at government secondary school Idah where he obtained his Senior secondary school certificate SSCE in 2004. MUBARAK, further went to Kaduna state polytechnic, Kogi State Polytechnic in 2009, Temple Gate Polytechnic in 2011 and later Salem University Lokoja where he obtained different certificates in Quantity Survey, Computer Science and a degree in Accounting respectively.

It was not all bed of roses for Mubarak Who lost his dad at the tender age of 6 having to grow as a toddler without a father figure. His mother, Hajia Asmau had to fend for both him and his other siblings working as a local government staff with the ministry of agriculture in Kogi state with support from the only man he calls uncle Mathew Ojobane of blessed memory who was always there to render a helping hand to his mother by paying the school bills.

Mubarak Like many other young Nigerians Struggled after school, Jobs where not forth coming. He had to squat with friends like Rex who also had no job at that time, they sometimes go to bed on empty stomach and sometimes feed on little food available.

Living in uncompleted buildings had its negative effects, exposure to unhealthy environment that made room for sickness where part of the things he experienced while trying to make a living for himself in the city of Abuja.

His formative years in Abuja were really tough but it was the road map to his success in life.

MUBARAK who has always had the zeal for success and uprightness enrolled himself into the service of securing the lives of others by joining the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, he was trained and commissioned on the 4th of 2015 as a cadet inspector and later rose through the ranks to becoming an assistant superintendent.

While in service to his country, his dreams of becoming a solution in the real estate sector of the country kept calling on him. His desire to get involved in providing affordable housing with state of the art modern facilities moved him into the private sector after 5years of service with the NSCDC.

Today, he is the Chief executive officer of Al-Mubee Group, a real estate company with its head office in Abuja Nigeria. The company is also into oil & gas, financial consult, hospitality and music record label as subsidiaries.

As his fortune soars in leaps and bounds, Mubarak sought a way to contribute to human and community developments. MUBARAK through Dan-Arewa Emperor Foundation reaches out to the less privileged, gives out scholarship to deserving candidates, registers those who want to acquire knowledge in trading, caters for the aged, widows as well as orphans.

He is the winner/receiver of several awards & recognitions among which is the Kogi Social Media Awards, Youth Promoter 2022 and his estimate net worth is $22,454,400.

Mubarak Abuche Musa Ojemanyareju, a youngman of good heart, with generous intention of genteel education and amiable character, is a symbol of freedom and hope, not only to his immediate family but to all within his orbit. A very modest and reserved person. He is married to his beautiful wife, Victoria whom he met in NSCDC.

Like he always says “we move on Gods Speed” …