Santabella Chairman,Urges FG to Save Nigeria’s Music Industry from Int’l Companies

Nigerian Music Legends Silenced by Global Giants Says Santabella GROUP Chairman, Oladipupo Lawal

Santabella Chairman,Urges FG to Save Nigeria’s Music Industry from Int’l Companies


The Chairman of the Santabella Group and the parent company of Santabella Music Empire Limited, Oladipupo Lawal, has called on the Federal government to rescue the Nigerian music industry from the grip of international companies.

Lawal also expressed his concerns over the stranglehold that international companies have on the Nigerian music market.

In a statement shared with journalists, the Santabella Group chairman explained that the Nigerian music industry has witnessed a significant transformation as international companies have asserted their interest and dominance, raising concerns about the future of local artists.

He commended the current Nigerian President’s initiatives in supporting local artists such as KONGA and CHUDDY K during the last election in February 2023.

Mr. Lawal expressed deep concern over the dramatic transformation of the music industry, with international corporations tightening their grip on the market.

He said, “The role of streaming platforms like Apple Music, which claim to offer editorial support to artists, paints a different picture in reality. With just one email address serving the entire African continent, the system is overwhelmed, giving international companies an unfair advantage. Only artists with connections to these corporations receive the much-needed editorial support, leaving others in obscurity.

The consequences of this international takeover are profound, with many local music legends fading into obscurity, and their art remains unheard by the masses. This shift impacts all aspects of the industry, including marketing and promotion.

“Even radio stations, which were once the primary platforms for discovering new music, now prioritize songs that are making waves on digital platforms over local contents. Thus making radio promotions less effective as it used to be. This further entrenches the dominance of international companies and leaves many artists without a fair chance to be heard.”

“It is evident that international companies wield their influence through prominent celebrities, signing almost every emerging artist and controlling the market,” said Mr. Lawal, emphasising the need for government awareness of this issue to safeguard local practitioners.

“My condemnation serves as a rallying cry for fairness in the music industry. Government intervention is essential to enable local artists to thrive and unlock the industry’s full potential for the nation’s development.”