OPPO Spreads Eid Joy among Customers through Generous Gift Giving

As Nigerians were in the joyous spirit of Sallah, OPPO embraced this moment by launching a special gifting campaign, #GiftWithOPPO, for its valued customers.

During the festive season, customers who purchased OPPO products were given the chance to win exciting gifts as a token of appreciation for their support and loyalty.

The highlight of the #GiftWithOPPO campaign was the live draw where lucky customers were pleasantly surprised with phone calls from OPPO, notifying them of their winnings. The live draw commenced on the 15th of June and concluded on the 3rd of July, bringing boundless excitement and joy to the winners, also an happy customer stated “If your brand doesnt remember to gift you for Sallah, come to OPPO”.

OPPO‘s commitment to creating memorable experiences for its customers was evident as participants in the live draw walked away with fantastic prizes. The prizes included high-quality items such as rams, televisions, earbuds, and free airtime, enriching the festive season for the lucky recipients.

However, OPPO‘s gifting spree doesn’t end there. The company continues to spread happiness through its social media platforms, where customers stand a chance to win even more incredible gifts. OPPO believes in fostering a strong relationship with its customers, ensuring that their loyalty is rewarded beyond traditional means.

Moreover, OPPO has some exciting news for its customers in Lagos. In response to numerous requests for a dedicated service center, OPPO is pleased to announce the official opening of the Lagos service center on the 12th of July 2023 with a 10% discount on repair prices to celebrate OPPO day aswell. The center aims to provide customers with a convenient and efficient platform to address their concerns, feedback, and suggestions.

OPPO values the voice of its customers and is committed to continuously improving its services based on their valuable insights.

OPPO sincerely appreciates the trust and support received from its customers, and the #GiftWithOPPO campaign was a testament to this. By celebrating the festive season and opening the Lagos service center, OPPO showcases its unwavering commitment to putting customers at the forefront of its operations.

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