Jaysong – Changed

Jaysong is an acclaimed gospel artist based in Abuja, Nigeria, known for his soulful music and impactful lyrics. With a repertoire of several singles and a captivating music video on YouTube, Jaysong continues to inspire audiences with his uplifting melodies and profound messages of hope and faith.

“Changed” by Jaysong is not just a Gospel song; it is a heartfelt anthem of hope and inspiration. Through its powerful lyrics, soul-stirring melodies, and unwavering message of transformation,
With powerful lyrics that proclaim, “I’m not the man I used to be, something has happened to me.”

“Changed” is about celebrating the new life we have in Christ, going from glory to glory, doing new and groundbreaking things and being grateful to God for the Changed Life we have in Christ Jesus. Jaysong’s heartfelt delivery captures the essence of a life forever changed by a divine encounter. The song’s message resonates deeply, reminding listeners of the incredible power of God’s grace to transform lives from the inside out.

Jaysong’s musical prowess and heartfelt delivery create a synergy that resonates with listeners long after the song ends.


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