J.west-Sounds from the west

J.west Sounds from the west

Sounds From The West Ep comes to you from J.west . A singer, songwriter, Afropop artist who is also very versatile in other forms and genres of music . This EP comes from experiences in love, heartbreak and joy. Teaming up with artists of high reputations and fanbase namely Richstar, Rexson miles, Bunny and Udinov to bring out a smooth record. Enjoy the experience..

1-: Download J.West-Sounds from the west

2-:Download J.West ft Richstar-Monalisa

3-:Download GOOD VIBES – J.west ft Udinov,Richstar

4:-Download J.west Ft Bunny-Abj Love

5:-Download J.west Naughty love ft Richstar, Rexson miles

6-:Download J.west Love to Love you (Remix) ft Rexson Miles

7-:Download J.west Gosh

J west Sounds from the west Ep

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