“I have time for all of you today” – Kiddwaya says as he shares photo of himself in a bathtub after Nigerians dragged him for being a showoff

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Nigerian Billionaire heir, Terseer Waya better known as “Kiddwaya” is on vacation in Dubai and yesterday, he took time out to record himself taking a bath in his luxury apartment.
This caused for a lot of his followers to lambaste him for being a showoff as some of them likened his behavior to that of a child and asked him to grow up.

This won’t be the first time the rich kid would be lambasted on social media because of his luxury lifestyle, even his dad Terry Waya has had his fair share of hate speech from netizens and it looks like the Waya are becoming used to it.
To show he’s unperturbed by the derogatory comments by social media users, Kidd took to his Twitter page moments ago to share a photo of himself chilling in a bathtub to “pepper” his haters even more.

Sharing the photo, he said “I have time for all of you today. His post below,

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