From Iszyk to Iszymael: A Musical Journey Redefined

Introducing the All-New “Iszymael”: A Fresh Chapter Begins!

Ismael Oluwaseun, the incredibly talented Afrobeat singer, is embarking on an exciting new journey as he officially changes his stage name from Iszyk to Iszymael. Iszymael represents a deeply personal and significant evolution in his artistic career.

Iszymael has taken this opportunity to update his social media presence to match his new identity. You can now connect with him on the following platforms:

This name change is more than just a rebranding; it symbolizes a fresh start for this dynamic artist. Iszymael is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of his highly anticipated EP titled “OIA.” This musical masterpiece is set to captivate listeners, showcasing the full range of his talent and creativity.



As Iszymael embarks on this new chapter, he wishes to extend his heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated fans who have been unwavering in their support. He wants you to know that your encouragement and loyalty have played an essential role in his journey, and he’s immensely grateful for each and every one of you.

Iszymael’s music has always been a reflection of his passion and dedication, and with this name change and upcoming EP, he is set to reach new heights in his artistic career. Stay tuned for “OIA,” and join Iszymael on this exciting new adventure!

For more information and updates, please follow Iszymael on his newly updated social media accounts.


Written by: General Zaga