EP: Dellbee & Shark Gng – 22:22

Dellbee Presents “22:22” EP: A Sonic Tapestry of Unfiltered Emotion and Raw Talent

“Dellbee’s “22:22” EP is a multifaceted journey, weaving through highs and lows with authenticity and musical finesse. With no features, the EP places Dellbee’s raw talent at the forefront, making it a compelling and introspective addition to his discography.

“Lately”: The EP opens with “Lately,” a soulful exploration of introspection and self-discovery. Dellbee’s introspective lyrics, paired with a captivating melody, set the stage for a deeply personal and resonant listening experience.

“Ain’t Done”: In “Ain’t Done,” Dellbee showcases his unwavering determination and unapologetic ambition. The track is a powerful declaration of resilience and the relentless pursuit of one’s goals, driven by a dynamic arrangement that keeps listeners hooked.

“G.O.A.T”: Dellbee takes a moment to reflect on his journey in “G.O.A.T,” embracing his status as a ‘Greatest of All Time.’ The track combines slick wordplay with a captivating beat, cementing Dellbee’s place as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

“So Perfect”: “So Perfect” introduces a melodic and romantic dimension to the EP. Dellbee’s smooth vocals intertwine with a dreamy soundscape, creating a track that explores the nuances of love and companionship.

“Puff Puff Pass”: The EP takes a laid-back turn with “Puff Puff Pass,” a groovy track that pays homage to the good times and camaraderie. Dellbee’s playful lyrics and infectious rhythm make this a standout moment on “22:22.”

“Obafemi Martins”: Dellbee pays tribute to the spirit of victory and success in “Obafemi Martins.” Named after the iconic footballer, the track is a celebration of triumph over adversity, underscored by energetic beats and Dellbee’s charismatic delivery.

“Heavy Heart”: Closing the EP is the emotionally charged “Heavy Heart,” where Dellbee bares his soul. The poignant lyrics and stripped-down production create a powerful finale, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Download Track By Track Below:

1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – Lately

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – Ain’t Done

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – G.O.A.T

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – So Perfect

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – Puff Puff Pass

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – Obafemi Martins

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Dellbee & Shark Gng – Heavy Heart