Earl Chukwuebuka Ogbodo Eze – Nothing Dey Sup (Wazobia Version) Ft. MC Glad, PabloJhay, Arziki, Élise & Belinda

Earl Ebuka, a talented musician and one of Nigeria’s most successful rising attorney, is thrilled to unveil his latest single, “Nothing Dey Sup (Wazobia Version)”.

This remarkable track from the incredibly talented musician presents a fresh perspective on the original funky Afrobeat sound, inspired by his deep respect for Lucky Dube’s musical genius and the authenticity of Fela Kuti. It is a powerful protest song against injustice and spiritual wickedness, holding Nigeria, Africa, and underrepresented groups worldwide hostage.

As a tenor singer and violinist in his church choir during his formative years, Earl Ebuka has always had a deep passion for music. He was even appointed the first student choirmaster in his high school, a testament to his musical talent and leadership skills. Despite his passion for music, Earl Ebuka initially pursued a career in law, where he has excelled remarkably well as a successful attorney and policy officer at Meta (one of the world’s most powerful global company), after graduating with a first class from law school, and working with three of the five biggest and most prestigious law firms in Nigeria and as the first undergraduate Google Policy Fellow in Africa.

However, Earl Ebuka’s life took a dark turn last year when he went though a really dark time that resulted in deeply suicidal thoughts. Through the grace and mercy of God, he was giving a second chance and instructed to: sing and write. This personal experience has deeply influenced his music and given it a raw, authentic quality that resonates innately with listeners.

In April of 2023, Earl Ebuka embarked on a spontaneous endeavor when he walked into a live studio unprepared and recorded his album, “A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect” with a crew he had never met or rehearsed with even once. The release has achieved resounding success, amassing over 1,000 plays on AudioMack within the first 48 hours and receiving over 20,000 streams on Spotify in just 9 days. His Spotify followers surpassed 1,000 within the initial two weeks, and the listening-to-stream ratio stands at an impressive 10.8, a testament to the fact that his music is resonating deeply with listeners.

One of the standout tracks on Earl Ebuka’s album is the hit song, “Nothing Dey Sup!” This funky Afrobeat masterpiece spans an impressive 38 minutes and showcases the artist’s deep reverence for God, the brilliance of Lucky Dube, and the authenticity of Fela Kuti. Since its release, “Nothing Dey Sup” has been gaining significant traction among listeners. It has quickly become the most saved song by the artist on Spotify, surpassing the average save-to-stream ratio for a first-time artist.

In Earl Ebuka’s own words,

“#NothingDeySup is a raw protest song and an anthem against injustice and spiritual wickedness in high places, holding Nigeria, Africa, and underrepresented groups everywhere hostage.” With his powerful lyrics and captivating sound, Earl Ebuka aims to shed light on the issues plaguing society and inspire positive change through his music.

He hopes that his music will serve as a source of comfort and hope for those who are struggling, just as it did for him. Earl Ebuka is a true inspiration, and “Nothing Dey Sup” is a testament to his immense talent, passion, and dedication to making a positive impact on the world.