Debra Crown-Olu Okorin Si Oluwa feat. Laolu Gbenjo


Debra Crown-Olu UK Based Nigerian Gospel Minister, aka Evangelist Debby Mojisola Adedapo-Olukayode releases another powerful brand new single titled “KORIN SI OLUWA” which means “Sing The Lord” and she features veteran Nigerian Gospel Special Alujo Minister, Laolu Gbenjo.

This is their first collaborative effort, as they offer deep praise to God on this melodious Afro Alujo-tempo beats. Laced with essential of Africa percussion.

Her evangelistic ministry goal is driven by God’s love, helping others to have a heartfelt worship experience, lead multitudes and nations into the presence of God in High Praises and Deep Heartfelt Worship, hence her compassion to make music that reflects her Christian faith. Debra Crown-Olu music fills the heart of the listeners with the assurance of joy, hope, peace, healing, good future, breakthroughs, and victory through Christ Jesus, with a grateful heart of worship to the creator.

Her latest single “Korin Si Oluwa”is the eighth track in her Full Album “DIVINE UPLIFTMENT”. It is sang in Yoruba Language while the video is translated in English for the evangelic message to cut across nations.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her latest release “Korin Si Oluwa”, Debra explained that
this melodious music is a Victory Praise to almighty God, declaring His awesomeness, strange works, strange acts and His mighty hands which gives us
victory over all situations.
Accord to Exodus 15 and Psalm 3:3 (Ekisodu 15)

Among the tracks released in “DIVINE UPLIFTMENT” As You Are, Yahweh, His Presence, Carry Go are listed and nominated for award on the UK Christian Chart in 2020 and 2021.
Her Single “I WORSHIP” was awarded the top 5 spot on the UK Christian Charts Contemporary Gospel in August 2021 Chart.

Debra’s through her latest release, points listener to the tower of strength in times of trouble.

Music Producer- Tobass Adolphus Records

Music now available in all digital store for download.

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KORIN SI OLUWA (I will sing unto the Lord) Lyrics

Emi o kọrin si OLUWA, nitoriti o pọ̀ li ogo:
ẹṣin ati ẹlẹṣin on li o bì ṣubu sinu okun pupa.

1. OLUWA li agbara ati orin mi,
on li o si di ìgbala mi:
eyi li Ọlọrun mi, emi o si fi ìyin fun u;
Kabioyesi mo se iba re
Emi o kọrin si OLUWA,

Emi o kọrin si OLUWA, nitoriti o pọ̀ li ogo:
ẹṣin ati ẹlẹṣin on li o bì ṣubu sinu okun pupa.

2. Oluwa, li asà fun mi; ogo mi;
olugbe ori mi soke.
Emi fi ohùn mi kigbe si Oluwa,
o si gbohùn mi lati òke mimọ́ rẹ̀ wá.
Emi o kọrin si OLUWA,
Oba to ‘n be ninu orun

Response: gbega mi o le sai gbega titi lai.

O ran omo ni se fayati

Response: gbega mi o le sai gbega titi lai.

You are bigger than the biggest

Olowogbogboro ti ‘n gba omo re lofin

A se kabiesi re eladumare tewogbope (Interlude (Omo egbala gbo in so ke).

Oba to ti wa o, k’ aye to wa
ti si tun ma wa nigba ti aye ko no si mo

Mo ni, Oluwa n’ be bi ti ati Jo

Response: A wa la o sin baba bi ta ti jo.

Ologun li OLUWA; OLUWA li orukọ rẹ̀.
ọwọ́ ọtún rẹ li ogo ninu agbara:
ọwọ́ ọtún rẹ fọ́ ọtá tútu.
Emi o kọrin si OLUWA,

Mo korin hallelujah
Mo ke hallelujah
Ona to di ti la o
Oluwa la ona ni bi to ko so na
Ona to di ti la o
Ogo oluwa won la ye mi
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