#BBNaijaReunion : “It took me so much courage to have accepted the bl*w job from Dorathy.” – Bright O

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Dorathy confirmed that she engaged in the act of Cunnilingus with Bright, but he walked past her the next morning and that angered her soul.

Bright on his part, maintained that he never entered the house with the intention of dating any girl and the fact that he even allowed Dorathy get down and dirty with him, was a very personal issue for him.

He said ;

Wathoni, Dorathy, I was in the middle of everything but i tried to strike a balance in order not to hurt either of them.

They were asking me what do you think, where is this thing going, I told them to “Calm Down”.

On the BJ, he said ;

It wasn’t easy for me to do that, several occasions they were trying to get me to kiss someone in the house, but i didn’t because that is a special something for me.

So for me to allow that (BJ from Dorathy) , It’s something very big for me.

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