As a female art, im better than davido and wizkid – oyin

At 14,i am here to change the phase of the entertainment industry just as Wizkid and davido did – Oyin

meet 14 years old super talented female artist who has come to stay and make waves in the entertainment industry - Oyin
My name is Olaleye Shukurat Oyindamola My stage name is oyin I am an Afropop singer, songwriter and performer
I am 14years old
• What first got you into Music?
➡️I can’t say one particular thing got me into music because music has been my thing from the start and has been something that I’ve had passion for even though in some cases I have not been able to express myself sometimes when I was shy I kept me with my musical Talents to myself but now I can express myself so I can say one particular thing coming to me because I would love the music from the start.

• Who inspired you to make music?
➡️ I wouldn’t say one particular person inspired me to make music because I grew up listening to different artists it’s not like I had one particular musician that i was in love with any song that I just feel l like this song I will listen to it so I think the correct thing to say is God inspired me to start making music because there’s no particular person I can say that because I love this person music that’s why I started making music.
• How would you describe the music that you typically create?
➡️My music genre is Afropop The type of songs I do always have their message I like doing songs for a purpose some of my songs are to inspire some to motivate, to show appreciation etc and I also do love songs
• What is your creative process like?
➡️Whenever I want to write a song I mostly write my songs in the bathroom I just play empty beat and I think about what I want to write about and I just start by vibing to the beat and the lyrics just keep coming and the type of tone the song has just comes so I record it on my phone so after recording it later I just go back and sit down and try to complete the song I write the lyrics and just complete the chorus and everything is done then I go to record it in the studio
• Who would you most like to collaborate
➡️I would love to collaborate with any artist that we can flow well and would make my music go higher and and make my sound be heard
• What is one message you would give to
your fans?
➡️my message to my fans is that you should keep listening to my songs please when you listen to my song any message you get from it please make use of it and pay attention to the lyrics and
follow me everywhere and Do what you love
I love you guys so so much
If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
➡️Davido or wizkid
How many singles do you have?
➡️I have 8 already recorded singles but 5 are officially released and they are “Call on God”, “Don’t go”, “Halle”, Shower your blessings”, “protect your daughter” (PYD)
• What is the most useless talent you have?
➡️My tongue is very flexible and I can move my ears
• Do you sing in the shower? What songs?
➡️Yes I always sing in the shower every single time in the night or in the morning and every time I sing in the shower I sing all songs in the shower any song that I like I and my songs
• What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
➡️I really don’t know because I’m still very young so if it’s not music then i wouldn’t be doing anything else apart from my academics at this age
• Where have you performed? What are
your favourite and least favourite venues?
➡️Most of my performances have been in Lagos my favourite venues are the ones that I’m given enough space to perform and my least favourite venues are that the one that Rush me
• Do you have any upcoming shows?
➡️Definitely there will be shows after this pandemic
• How do you feel the Internet has impacted
the music business?
➡️It has impacted the music business greatly because a lot of artists have been discovered through the internet artists like teni like hotkid different artists have been discovered through the internet because the Internet is a means to to spread your sound to people far away from you and it has also helped my music career because most of my promotions have been online
• What is your favourite song to perform?
➡️All My Songs are my favourite but my favourite song to perform depends on the audience and the people I am performing to
• Which famous musicians do you admire?
➡️I admire all the musicians that are doing well because it is not easy to get up there and for you to get up there you must have gone through a lot so I admire all of them
• What is the most trouble you’ve ever
gotten into?
➡️I’m a good girl
• What is the best advice you’ve been
➡️To keep doing my best irrespective of what anybody says because nobody cares about the process just the product
• If you could change anything about the
industry, what would it be?
➡️That is not easy to get into and there are people up there who try to bring new talents down
• What’s next for you?

➡️The next level

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